Convergence Pharmaceuticals have announced their phase 2a study of BIIB-074 in the treatment of erythromelalgia (Enrollment by invitation only) A Phase 2a Study of BIIB-074 in the Treatment of Erythromelalgia

Formerly known as CNV1014802, BIIB-074 is a novel oral analgesic which has been successfully tested in patients with lumbosacral radiculopathy (sciatica) (Phase 1) and trigeminal neuralgia (Phase 2) .

BIIB-074 , now known as Raxatrigine, is a neurotoxin that comes from the venom of the Chinese red-headed centipede; it acts as a selective, small-molecule, state-dependent Nav1.7 voltage-gated sodium channel blocker.

Numerous natural toxins and synthetic derivatives are known to modulate sodium channels.These include both polar small molecule toxins and a variety of peptide-based venom toxins. Interestingly these toxins - isolated from many different animal sources including fish, shellfish, spider, snail, scorpion and centipede venoms- are at the forefront of drug development for erythromelalgia and other refractory pain.

The primary objective of this phase 2a study is to investigate the efficacy of repeat oral dosing of BIIB-074 on paroxysmal pain in participants with Primary Inherited Erythromelalgia (IEM). The secondary objective is to investigate the efficacy of repeat oral dosing of BIIB-074 on varying additional aspects of pain in participants with EM; and to investigate the safety and tolerability of repeat oral dosing of BIIB-074 in participants with EM.

As always, we will keep you up to date with further developments.

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