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Nav 1.7 implicated in erythromelalgia.

Find out about the latest insights into new potential therapies for EM pain in this great U tube video by Amgen (2016)

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Various video clips about erythromelalgia, which show examples of flaring.

Mini documentary 'I am being burnt alive' by Samara Rose.

A housebound woman feels like she is burning alive from the inside because of a rare genetic condition. Samara Rose Ingraffia suffers from erythromelalgia or Man on Fire syndrome, which leaves her feeling like she is experiencing constant second degree burns. Amazingly Samara, who lives in Michigan, also suffers from Reynauds syndrome – an equally rare condition that means her body reacts terribly to even the slightest drop in temperature. To have anything like a normal life Samara can only be exposed to a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius – anything higher or lower will lead to incredible suffering. Her father Brian is a former college professor who is also housebound with the same two conditions.

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Video by Dr Davis

Mayo clinic talks about erythromelagia

Find The EM Warriors Page On The Mighty.