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Who are The Erythromelalgia (EM) Warriors?
The EM Warriors are a dynamic international non-profit organisation dedicated to educating, encouraging and empowering all those living with or affected by erythromelalgia and its comorbidities.
A volunteer-led support and information network, we provide invaluable free 24-hour online and outreach services worldwide.
Our mission:
  • To empower lives touched by erythromelalgia by facilitating the tools for self-advocacy
  • To raise awareness and promote understanding of EM by developing innovative social media campaigns and producing educational resources.
  • To advance knowledge by fundraising to support research and independent projects.
Our vision: a world where there is greater understanding of EM and where the hope of a cure becomes reality.
Links to all information and support services:
COMMUNITY CHAT (private FB group):
  • STOP THE BURN RESEARCH FUND: Please donate what you can to help advance knowledge of this 1.100.000 rare neurovascular chronic pain syndrome . We desperately need research!.
  • DOCTORS DATABASE: For doctors familiar with EM , please ask our awesome admin team or email support services at stating your country, state/county.
  • EM AWARENESS PACK: Email our support services at for details.
  • THE LITTLE EM WARRIORS CLUB(under 18's): Ask us for details on how your little EM warrior can join  and receive their goody bag. 
  • RESEARCH DATABASE: For articles and research on erythromelalgia and its comorbidities, please email support services at
  • AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS, EVENTS, FUNDRAISERS, RESEARCH, DISCUSSION TOPICS, ,QUESTION TIME, POLLS, FLASH COMPETITIONS: Ask our admin team, watch for our adverts, check out announcement section, follow our events page or email our support services.
  • AWARENESS PRODUCTS : We offer a range of t-shirts, mugs, pens, car magnets and bumper stickers and temporary tattoos . We also have eye-catching erythromelalgia flyers, EM awareness bracelets, medical alert bracelets, badges , rare card to personalise and erythromelalgia fold out brochure. Please ask.
Did you know that all the EM Warriors services and resources are free? .
We rely solely on people's generosity in order to maintain our extensive support network, produce and print awareness as well as educational resources ; sponsor much needed research and advance knowledge of this 1.100.000 rare neurovascular chronic pain syndrome.
Could you fundraise or make a donation to help us? We would be most grateful for any contribution, however small. 
Don’t forget to ask admin or support services about your EM WARRIORS AWARENESS PACK .
Is your EM sufferer under 18 years? Ask us about our LITTLE EM WARRIORS CLUB.


 We now have a members EM COMMUNITY PRAYER site:


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