Ketamine infusions for refractory chronic pain ( Lubenow et al)

Ketamine is undergoing resurgence. For decades, anesthesiologists used ketamine for induction of general anesthesia at 2 mg/kg. However, some patients hallucinated and the use of the drug waned. We are beginning to see a resurgence using small, low-dose ketamine. Low doses inhibit the NMDA receptors, which is responsible for central sensitization, and can work synergistically with many other analgesics. Hallucinations are extremely rare with low doses of subanesthestic ketamine of about 20 to 40 mg in the average adult.

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How gabapentin and pregabalin differ

Pregabalin and gabapentin are considered first-line treatments for  erythromelalgia.

MAGNESIUM 101                                          Supplemenation with magnesium may help some cases of erythromelalgia

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